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Hockey Pro Shop Services

For All Your Hockey Needs

Many of our locations have full service hockey pro shops in addition to our bike services. We sell new hockey equipment as well as provide key services like skate sharpening and repair so that you can hit the ice on crisp, reliable blades. Visit us today to learn more about the hockey gear and services that we offer.

Hockey Services

1 Year Free Skate Sharpening With All New Skates Purchased at D&D
Boot Stretching - $20
Figure Skate Sharpening - $10
Flat Bottom V Skate & Goalie Skate Sharpening - $10
New or Rusted Skate Sharpening - $10
Skate Radius Sharpening - $25
Skate Rivet Replacement - $8
Basic Skate Sharpening - $8
Spot Skate Punching - $10
Skate Labor - $20
Skate Bake - $20 free with new skates purchased at D&D
Custom Team Jerseys, Gear and Apparel - Available to Order

Hockey Equipment