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  • Current bikes: 2018 Trek Farley 9.6 (FatBike) 2013 Trek Lush SL 29er (XC/AM) Soon to be 2018 Trek Fuel EX 9.8 27.5+ WSD for All Mountain mode and a set of Bontrager Pro Line 30 29er wheels for XC mode!  2010 Atomlab Trailking (Dirt Jump/Park Bike)

  • When I started cycling: I’ve been riding my bike all my life for fun and transportation before I had a car, but I really got serious about it when I was living in downtown Toronto and began bike commuting as my primary mode of transportation. After returning to Michigan, most of my riding is now done in the woods on trails with the occasional gravel grinder mixed in. 

  • Why I love cycling: I love riding my bike because when I'm on it and my heart is pounding and I'm doing everything I can to stay upright, not hit trees, breathe, hit jumps, fly down hills...I don't think about any of the other craziness going on in my life. I want to help as many people as possible experience this same feeling! I’ve also met some of the best people in my life because of the bicycle.

  • A person who inspires me: I am inspired every time I meet someone whose life has been changed by the bicycle. I find the stories of what a simple human powered machine has been responsible for simply amazing. I know it has changed my life!

  • Where you can find me: I lead a Tuesday night no-drop group ride at the Holdridge Lakes MTB Trails in Holly. When I’m not traveling around the mitten (or further!) for bike events I frequent many of the South East Michigan trails on the weekends.


  • Current bikes: Trek Fuel Ex8 29er, Motobecane Boris X5 fat bike

  • When I started cycling: 2012

  • Why I love cycling: It allows me to push myself far harder than I ever thought was possible. When I’m riding, I’m not thinking of anything else but being in the moment and reacting to the terrain. Riding forces you to focus one one thing, and drown out everything else. 

  • A person who inspires me:  There are so many people in my life that inspire me that it’s hard to name one … so I will say that I am most inspired by watching someone progress. Whether it’s one of my kids landing a new trick snowboarding, or seeing a new rider clear a hill for the first time, that moment is always incredible to share. 

  • Where you can find me:  Milford MTB trail, Asst Coach of HV United MiSCA team, Head Coach Lakeland High School Snowboardcross team in the winter, Instagram @burbskate, any Star Wars movie.  


International athlete. 

Believe and you will succeed!

Follow me on Instagram @jerry_spitler


  • Current bikes: Trek Procaliber, GIANT Reign Advanced 

  • When I started cycling: About 8 yrs old. Seriously started riding about 20 yrs ago when I started adventure racing and doing triathlons. 

  • Why I love cycling: I love cycling. I love the gear, the bikes, the technology, the simplicity, the cool places and people and excitement of pushing your body on two wheels. 

  • A person who inspires me:  My wife Michelle inspires me. Her constant energy to explore, learn and be active is very motivating. 

  • Where you can find me:  Now days you can find me on the trails. I mostly mountain bike. Locally I enjoy Brighton Recreation Area, and the New DTE trails.


  • Current bikes: Liv Pique, Trek ProCaliber 9.7

  • When I started cycling: I’ve been cycling since I was a kid. As an adult I began doing triathlons in college and in 2011 I bought my first mountain bike. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • Why I love cycling: I love everything about riding. I love the cool bikes, being outdoors, the change of seasons, the way my muscles move and feel, the clothes, planning for trips both local and far away. It’s not just biking to me, it’s a lifestyle we embrace. 

  • A person who inspires me:  My husband Jim. He is an incredible athlete and an even better human. If you get the chance to know him you are truly lucky. He’s the kind of guy stories are told about. One in a million, rock solid. The kind of guy you can count on through thick and thin. To sum it up he’s got a good handshake- for me that still means something.

  • Where you can find me:  FB @ Michelle Menchaca Dawson 

  • Instagram #swimbikeclimb #Dawsonsway



  • Current bikes: 2018 Liv Hail Advanced 0, 2018 Liv Pique Advanced 0

  • When I started cycling: My love of mountain biking started in 2001

  • Why I love cycling: I turn into a big kid when I’m biking!

  • A person who inspires me: Lindsey Richter, pro mountain biker and Survivor contestant.

  • Where you can find me: D&D Ann Arbor store or flying off a drop on a trail around town!

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