Continental Twister Supersonic

Continental Twister Supersonic
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Continental's Twister Supersonic is a light, fast tire ideal for racing. It offers great traction particularly in hardpack conditions. And with Conti's grippy Black Chili compound you'll corner and brake with confidence. The Twister Supersonic is extra light for quick acceleration and easy climbing, too, thanks to Conti's Supersonic design and the Kevlar beads.

Continental's Black Chili rubber compound significantly improves wear, traction and rolling resistance through the use of carbon nanotechnology and microscopic carbon particles in the rubber. These mold better to the ground and have more points of contact, which gives the tire more grip. And, because the compound matrix is formed of more particles, which are connected more tightly with each other, the tire lasts longer. Plus, the smaller particles are more flexible, too, which improves rolling resistance.

Part Numbers

4019238214956 0122260 11856