D&D HVUR Kids Only - Combined Roadside & Stop and Go Repair Class

D&D HVUR Kids Only - Combined Roadside & Stop and Go Repair Class
Brighton - Sun. 1-3pm, 1/6/19, 1/13/19 & 1/20/19
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This class if exclusively for HVUR team members 18 and younger only.

This is a 6 hour/3 day course offered at our Brighton location for kids 18 and younger. All courses are hands-on and limited to 6 students per location. The course will present detailed information on adjusting and repairing your brakes and gearing - the most common repair concerns for most riders.

If you were to perform all of the adjustments or repairs you will learn in this two week course - it would cost you over $49 in labor costs alone the very first time you did it. These will be skills you will use regularly. Now, look at that cost over your lifetime of riding and bikes.

Includes course materials and student discount on tools purchased the night of your class.


Each of the topics will be one day/two hour session. Pre-registration is required. Simply purchase this course online here and we will get you signed up!

• Flat, tire repair, Broken chain repair & Emergency kit preparation
• Brake adjustments/repair
• Derailleur adjustments/repair