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D&D Intensive Bike Maintenance Class

D&D Intensive Bike Maintenance Class
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This is a 10 hour/5 day course. All classes are hands-on and limited to 6 students per location. The course will present detailed information on general maintenance and repair procedures listed below.

*Note: classes will skip the week of Thanksgiving and resume the following week.

If you were to perform all of the repairs you will learn in this five week course - even once - it would cost you almost $250 in labor costs alone. Now, multiply that over your lifetime of riding and bikes. I would be signing myself AND a friend up today!

Includes all course materials and student discount on tools purchased the night of your class.


Each of the 5 topics will be one day/two hour session. Pre-registration is required. Simply purchase this course online here and we will get you signed up!

• Derailleur adjustments/repair
• Brake adjustments/repair
• Hub adjustments
• True wheels, replace spokes
• Headset, bottom bracket adjustments/repair

*Repair School tuition is non-refundable. In the event of a cancelation, an in-store credit will be offered.