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Bike Service & Repair

Fast, Professional Bike Service

We're proud to have a team composed of the most experienced and professional mechanics in the industry. To best serve our customers, we are only servicing Giant, Liv and Momentum bicycles or a bicycle brand previously purchased from any D&D location.

At D&D Bicycles, we offer comprehensive bike tune-up packages to meet the needs of each and every cyclist. We also have a full range of individual services if you're in need a minor repair or adjustment. Visit any of our Michigan locations and one of our friendly, professionally trained mechanics will be happy to help you restore your bike to excellent riding condition.

Expected Service Turnaround

Ann Arbor
2 days
2 days
3 days
East Lansing
3 days
2 days
3 days
3 days
2 days

*Turnaround time is the estimated number of days until your bicycle service is completed with in stock parts or once any parts needed are received. Estimations are updated daily but are not a guarantee. For most accurate timelines, please visit us in store with the bicycle needing service and a team member will assist you.

Tune-Up Packages

Basic Tune-Up



Full Safety Check

Adjust Brakes & Gears

Lubricate Drivetrain

Wipe Down Bike

Performance Tune-Up



Basic Tune-Up +

Tension, balance and true Front & Rear Wheels

Hanger Re-Alignment

Adjust Hubs

Ultimate Tune-Up



Performance Tune-Up +

Overhaul Front & Rear Hubs

Overhaul Bottom Bracket

Overhaul Headset

Bleed Brakes

Deep Cleaning of Bike

30 Day Follow-Up Service

eBike Certified

You Can Trust Our eBike Certified Techs

We offer a full range of bike service and maintenance and that includes eBikes too! Electric bikes require proper care and maintenance to ensure safety and longevity. You can trust your D&D technicians to keep your eBike operating to their ability.

Other Bike Repair & Maintenance Services

Basic Flat Repair - $10 plus tube
Assemble Boxed Bike or Box Bike for Shipping - $70 and up
Custom Wheel Build - $60 and up
True Wheel - $20 and up
Tubeless Wheel Setup - $20 per wheel
Suspension Fork Service - $60 and up
Disc Brake Hydraulic Bleed - $25 plus fluid

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