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Bike Fitting

Improve Your Comfort & Performance

Riding a bike that fits properly is critical to enjoying every ride (and grabbing a spot on the podium, if that’s your goal). At D&D Bicycles, we offer professional bike fit services to ensure that your bike fits your physical measurements and riding style.

Free Basic Fit

With every new bike purchased at D&D, we provide a free basic fitting. We’ll help you select the correct frame size, and we’ll dial in the key elements of the bike, including seat height and handlebar measurements, so that you hit the road or trail feeling wonderful on your new bike.

Comprehensive Bike Fit Packages

We also offer more comprehensive bike fit packages if you’re looking to fine-tune your performance road or tri bike or if you’re experiencing significant discomfort while you ride. Our complete fit packages start at $100 and are by appointment only. Call or visit us today to schedule your bike fit.

Schedule Your Bike Fit