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Warrior Abyss Goalie Stick
$79.99 - $89.99
The Abyss goalie stick lets you do exactly that: block the puck and send it into the abyss, far away from the goal.
Warrior Ritual White Goalie Stick
You do your job religiously. The game depends on it. Which is why the Ritual goalie stick gives you maximum protection, durability and control, with superior balance and twist-resistant grip. Block the puck, control the puck, clear the puck – working with the Ritual pads, blockers and gloves in perfect concert. A full-throttle, heavy metal rock concert.
Warrior White Clutch Goalie Stick
You thrive in the clutch. You live for the pressure. It makes you a superior goalie. The man. The puck stopper. Stop critical shots with the glass-laminated birch core paddle. And prove you’re the man for the moment.
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