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Warrior Bentley Stick
$49.99 - $59.99
Shake hands with the Bentley. No, it doesn’t come with leather seats, wood trim or a chauffeur in a funny black hat. And, sorry, you’ll have to open your own locker room door. But it does give you better puck control and higher shot accuracy with superior balance. Pure luxury. But your wallet will tell you otherwise.
Warrior Diablo Stick
$108.99 - $199.99
Diablo SE. This special edition of the premier Diablo stick barks louder and bites harder than any big dog yet. Does 108.8 ring a bell? In addition to the sweet science that is Dagger Taper Technology and a host of other proprietary technologies, the Diablo SE is available in two new unique color ways for spring: all-white with Crushed Velvet Grip and the black & yellow Matte Clear Grip
Warrior Evo Stick
Take the Evo shaft, marry it to the Evo blade, and what do you have? Perfection on a stick. Combine the Axy-Sym asymmetrical shaft with its Linear Taper flex for a more fluid, smooth shot, customized for a lefty or righty, with the D-Light core blade with its shock absorbing X-Weave fibers to give you top-level puck control and you suddenly have the ability to completely dominate right in the palm of your hands. Which is the whole point, right? The tradition has evolved.
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